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Scented candle Hello Gorgeous old pink 250gr

Fragrance: Cinnamon, Cumin, Lavender, Sage, Orange, Cedarwood, Tobacco

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€ 24,95 / Stuk

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Meer informatie

Scented candles are really something special. Able to transport us to a specific place and time combined with a gentle flame, any space can become unique. Our new range of scented candles are made from 100% vegan wax and beautiful to both see and smell. Fall in love with anyone of the nine different aromas, something for all year round, including Christmas. Beautifully packaged, with gold foil details, you will want to keep the box as much as the treasure found inside!


SKU 1234360105009
Thema Seasonal Candles
Thema Mixed collection
Kleur Roze
Materiaal Paraffin
Box size Vondels white box

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