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Ceramic Espresso Cup CHAMPAGNE beige 80ml

Our ceramic products are dishwasher-friendly

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€ 5,95 / Stuk

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At Vondels we all love coffee & tea. Cappuccino with milk, oat, soya, you name it, we have it! A cup of tea or coffee is more than just a warm drink. And the cup that you use is just as important as the drink itself. We wanted to create a line of ceramics that epitomises the Vondels spirit. Luxury, fabulous to look at and something to make you smile. With three different cups, tea, espresso or cappuccino, in six soft tones and sassy one liners, choose your favourite. 'Champagne', 'You Go Girl', 'Daddy Cool', 'Hot Mama', 'Amour', 'Ciao Bella', or simply 'Good Morning'. Plus, we've designed a collection of small plates, perfect for bon-bons, biscuits or a slice of cake.


SKU 9231000055054
Kleur Beige
Materiaal Ceramic
Hoogte in CM H5.5

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