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Ornament glasss blooming seadragon Moooi H4cm w/box

'Spectacular flower-like formations emerged from their leaves'. Blooming Seadragons always were a mystery to most people, who believed them to be creatures of ancient myths or imagination. This was probably the result of their camouflage being too good: they went literally unseen. Moving in slow motion, they resembled leaves swaying in the breeze. This graceful dance was a clever camouflage against predators.

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€ 32,95 / Unit

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Hello Christmas lover! Vondels' Christmas ornaments are made from glass, mouth blown, hand painted and decorated with greatest care. Every piece is unique! We care about this planet, we prioritise the use of eco friendly materials.


SKU 9219632040082
Theme Moooi
Color Brown
Material Glass
Material Polyresin
Size in CM H4
Box size Vondels white box


Each piece will be packed in a luxury Vondels gift box.